By Dr. Steven Angel

   Vibrational medicine is a modern term describing what essentially energy medicine is. Vibrational medicine derives its name from the fact that all forms of energy are considered to be in a constant, but variable state of vibration. Vibrational medicine is unique in that it seeks to treat the body, mind and spirit using different forms of energy. Treatment usually consists of stimulation utilizing light, color, sound, music, and/or electro-magnetic energy to the physical body. While vibrational or energy medicine can effectively treat the body, it can also function as a diagnostic tool. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI and Computerized Axial Tomography or CAT Scan are two examples of this form of diagnostic technology derived from energy medicine. 
   It should be understood that vibrational medicine is safe, natural, and always accessible, especially if one has developed some sensitivity for sensing energy fields. Learning to sense energy fields does not require any specialized education, and anyone can learn how to scan the body with their hands for cold and hot spots, which indicate an absence of energy or overabundance of energy around the body.
  Energy itself is the common medium of mind, body, and spirit. Its wavelengths, rates of vibration, and patterns of harmonic pulsation form a shared vocabulary, very much as the fluctuations of tone and tempo form the vocabulary of music. All forms of energy have both the qualities of vibration and frequency or wavelength. 
The field of swirling luminous energy that surrounds our physical bodies is called the aura. The aura itself can be visualized on a photograph utilizing a specialized technique known as Kirlian photography. Around the periphery of the physical body, there exists the etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual auric fields, each one being more subtle or finer in its nature than the previous one.
   The significant benefit that vibrational medicine can contribute to our healing process relates to the fact that our energetic body can literally be “tuned up,” very much like a musical instrument. In fact, there is internationally recognized research that confirms that the various energy centers along the spinal column, known as the chakras, positively respond to sound, light, and electro-magnetic energetic stimulation. The utilization of both sound and light energy simultaneously introduced into the chakras along the spinal column can help balance both the etheric, astral, and mental energetic bodies.
   Energy medicine is currently considered to be at the cutting-edge in modern technology, for it effectively treats the more subtle energetic aspects of our body, mind and spirit. Energy medicine has the ability to provide progressive forms of treatment, without the negative side effects that are often related to the use of drugs and surgery.  
   The most important benefit of energy medicine is its ability to heal and regenerate the body, mind, and spirit. In order to correct a physical problem, it is always more effective to treat the problem from a higher energetic level, as most of the real causes of disease stem from energetic imbalance. Energetic imbalances first appear to originate in the emotional, mental, etheric, or spiritual body. 
    It is a well-known fact that vibrational medicine seeks to alleviate the actual cause of an ailment instead of simply treating the symptoms themselves. The field of energetic or vibrational medicine explains that we are essentially energy (light & vibration), before we are actually physical. This fact is observable in the phenomena of “phantom limb pain,” where the energetic field around an amputated leg can be photographed and felt as physical pain long after there is no physical leg present. Vibrational medicine recognizes that most disease comes from imbalances in the energy field around the body, in the same way that many auto-immune and chronic diseases first weaken the immune system. Once the immune system is compromised, the body will not essentially heal itself. By learning that our immune system is clearly affected by our stress level, emotional state, and mental state, we can keep ourselves healthy and vital by learning how to create emotional stability and handle stress effectively.